We combine international experience of BGI Incentives Group with the expertise of Inventta+bgi supporting innovation

We help large companies make their R&D investments viable through the use of public policies supporting innovation, whether tax incentives or fundraising.

We have a multidisciplinary team (technical and financial), composed of engineers, accountants, lawyers and administrators, who have thorough knowledge of the legislation and the technical manuals in the area. But above all, they are all experts in innovation processes and therefore capable to better identify opportunities that are not being taken as an advantage by companies.

“Lei do Bem” – Tax Incentives for Innovation

tax-incentivesThe “Lei do Bem” allows a recovery of about 20 % of the expenditures in Research, Development and Innovation by reducing the IR/CSSL and IRPJ/CSLL (brazilian income tax) to be paid, among other benefits, such as IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) reduction and machinery and equipments full depreciation.

We work from a different methodology, which encompasses all stages of innovation fostering, since the initial diagnosis of the internal scenario of the company until the implementation of the controls to maximize the benefit.

Thus, our customers can choose which steps are best suited to their needs. We structure a process and present scenarios in order to maximize the confidence to use the mechanism.

In addition, we operate with the precept of knowledge`s transferring and sharing that implies in training so the customer can absorb the necessary skills to perform the work internally (check the obtained results in the picture below).


INOVAR AUTO – Tax Incentives for Innovation

A specific incentive for the automotive sector is the INOVAR AUTO (Program to Encourage Innovation and Production Chain Densification of the Motor Vehicles), which provides benefits in relation to the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) for companies that stimulate and invest in innovation, research and development in Brazil.

The experience of Inventta+bgi can help companies of any sector to prepare themselves to meet the requirements of the new regime in a secure way, once we can identify the expenditures on R&D and engineering and simulate possible scenarios. With this, companies will be able to fill the investment in innovation and be prepared for the audit.


There are several mechanisms of direct support for companies wishing to invest in R&D, either through non-refundable funds or refundable ones at low rates, ensuring competitiveness and longevity in the marketplace.

This work front, the fundraising through fostering agents and programs, we offer full support ranging from the definition of the R&D strategic lines going through eligibility of projects and implementation of controls to accountability.

We conducted a proactive monitoring to provide opportunities that best fit the conditions and customer research lines. With a strategic vision about the use of resources, it is possible to propose different strategies of fostering. A single project may, for example, be supported by various sources together.


The volume of resources made available by the federal government shows that the intention of encouraging private investment to innovation is not only present in government`s speech. This scenario opens opportunities for national and multinational companies to structure their R&D centers in Brazil, with the help of Inventta+bgi throughout its operation: from the business case to implementation.

One company, two forces

Inventta+bgi is the sum of forces and experiences of two major consulting firms.

On one hand, we have the know-how in the Financial Resources area of Inventta (Incentivar Consulting Firm), a pioneer in supporting the technological development in Brazil with the creation of a methodology for the use of the “Lei do Bem”, in 2005 .


On the other, we have the soundness of BGI Incentives Group, a company specialized in tax incentives for innovation, operating in five countries (Canada, USA, Ireland, England and France) and now in Brazil, with the establishment of a partnership. Presenting an experience of more than 25 years in the market, BGI has already recovered more than 1 billion Canadian dollars to its customers.

Contact Inventta+bgi and understand how to maximize the financial resources for R, D & I in your company. 

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