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The virtuous cycle of Case New Holland

Competitiveness and continuous investment in R&D


The Case New Holland (CNH) is a multinational global leader in agricultural and construction equipments. One out of five tractors sold worldwide is New Holland.

CNH has been our partner since 2007. Inventta + bgi team assists the company in the management of tax incentives provided in the “Lei do Bem”, enabling new investment in R&D and the development of new technologies to boost the company’s competitiveness.

Present in four continents, CNH had already a global system of product development which allows financial and technical controls of the innovation projects. The implementation of our methodology enabled these activities to be used in the management of the tax incentives.

We made an analysis of the organizational structure, processes and all company`s projects, mapping and identifying innovation activities. With the implementation of our methodology, a virtuous cycle began in the company, which can use the financial resources of the tax benefits to expand its R&D activities. These activities can again be eligible by the “Lei do Bem”.

“CNH believes that tax incentives provided in the “Lei do Bem” and the directives of the Innovation Law are a means, not an end, to be used to leverage our R&D and therefore our competitiveness.”

Daniel Fernando Maas, controller of Product Development at CNH

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