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Fibria recovers 54% of investments in R&D

The project elucidated aspects of the “Lei do Bem” and trained professionals


Fibria occupies the place of the largest producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp. Currently, the Aracruz Unit (formerly Aracruz Cellulose) – which in 2009 was incorporated into the Votorantim Cellulose and Paper (VCP) to create Fibria – has an annual production capacity of 2.3 million tonnes of the product, besides being self-sufficient in electricity.

To remain as the market leader, the company has a technology center itself, which ensures high crop productivity and quality gains in the final product. Together with Inventta+bgi, Fibria managed to recover 54% of its spending on Research and Development. This return was due to the use of tax incentives of the “Lei do Bem”, through a methodology developed by Inventta + bgi team.

One of the difficulties faced by the company was the uncertainty in the use of the incentives, caused by the lack of directness of some concepts and rules of the law. Our performance was exactly to mitigate these concerns. We developed a mapping and classification program of the R&D projects of the company from the perspective of the “Lei do Bem”, ensuring the correct use of the incentives. We also performed the training of the Fibria`s professionals for continuous use of the incentives.

“The work done in Fibria demonstrates the potential use of Tax Incentives for Innovation by companies,” says Christimara Garcia, director of Inventta + bgi.

“The result was better than we expected. We know we have a lot to do internally, but the result was fantastic.”

Glaisy Domingues, tax manager at Fibria
(testimony given in 2007)

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