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Fiat gets large increase in tax benefits to innovation

Company potentiated results when using the incentives in better ways


The Fiat Group is one of the largest industrial groups in the world with operations in more than 60 countries. The Brazilian branch takes, nowadays, a prominent position in the global strategy of the company, operating in the metal-mechanic and services for the production and sale of cars and trucks, able to produce up to 800,000 vehicles per year.

Since 2007, with our support, Fiat has gotten tax incentives through the “Lei do Bem”, and the results have been showing progress year by year. In just four years working together, the benefit increased by 155 %.

To make this possible, our team developed a project that involved the identification and analysis of innovation projects of Fiat, the calculation of the tax benefit and the identification of appropriate controls for its use.

The activities, however, were not just focused on processes, but also involved a change in the organizational culture of the company with a project that counted with the expertise of our Culture and Education area applying the “EMBATE” methodology. We also promoted a training to the financial staff regarding technological innovation concepts and tax incentives of the “Lei do Bem”, raising awareness about the importance of the tax benefits use and the definition of a group vision for R&D project analysis.

With the structuring of the management internal process to the use of the incentives, Fiat managed to improve information management of innovation projects and enhance the interaction between the technical and administrative areas of the company.

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