About us

We live and breathe innovation, and innovation lives here

We have innovation in our DNA, and that’s why we are continuously transforming and evolving. We are multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial, curious, idealistic, studious and committed to breaking paradigms and creating new ways of thinking and acting.

We believe in authentic relationships that share experiences and worldviews and inspire us to seek new perspectives.

Our value is based on shaping and building the future. We use our energy and expertise to create and develop innovation and to transform people, relationships, organizations and, eventually, a little of the world.

Inventta+bgi team

We go ahead through all dimensions of innovation

Christimara Garcia

Christimara Garcia

CEO of Inventta+bgi


Manuela Soares - Colaborador inventta

Manuela Soares

Business manager
Founder of Inventta+bgi



Alexandre Tauvy

Electronic Engineer
VP Global R&D Incentives
Bruna Soly - Inventta - Colaborador

Bruna Soly

Innovation Expert
Carina Leão - Inventta - Colaborador

Carina Leão

Corporate Affairs Executive

Fernanda Vieira

Engenheira de Produção
Innovation Expert
Flávia Paixão - Inventta - Colaborador

Flávia Paixão

Business manager
Innovation Manager

Letícia Goulart

Business Development Manager

Ludmila Aquino

Chemistry Engineering
Innovation Manager
Maria Carolina Rocha - Inventta - Colaborador

Maria Carolina Rocha

VP Brazil R&D Incentives
Marina Loures - Inventta - Equipe

Marina Loures

Control and Automation Engineer
Innovation Manager

Maxwell Fernandes

Automation Engineer
Innovation Analyst
Narayani Costa

Narayani Costa

Management Processes Analyst
Pollyana Souza

Pollyana Souza

Accountant and Lawyer
COO of Inventta+bgi

Tiara Bicalho

Production Engineer
Innovation Manager